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Hi I am so excited that you have been selected to write for me.
1) You need to go back to the job acceptance board and see what you agreed to write about. Job Board Acceptance

2) You will need to go back to the Job board to see the requirements for your job. Madame Deals Job Board

3) You will submit your article using my Madame Deals Guest Post. You will put in the subject the Job # please.
Madame Deals Guest Post

4) Once you send your article using my guest post submission form then you will invoice me at madamedeals@gmail.com using paypal. If you do not know how to do this that is fine email me at madamedeals@gmail.com and I will paypal you. I am only paying out once a week on Sunday or Monday to make my life easier :)

5) You are expected to share your post with others using social media. I will continue to hire you if your post is successful. If we work as a team that can happen.

Thank you so much for being a fan and now a writer!

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If you would like to do other projects please consider these:
I have a review team that reviews products for me. I think you should check that out. Madame Deals Review Team (This week my readers are reviewing the new dove hair care line, new line from Ivory soap, Listerine products, and a new graco high chair, and a spend less Ipad App.

I have a place for you to submit you Real Deal Shopping trips to receive free coupons. Real Deals Submission Form

I have a guest post form in case you have an idea that isn't on my Job Board. I am open to hearing from you always. Guest Post Submission Form

I also have a contact form if you want me to advertise for your business. Advertiser Contact Madame Deals Form

I would suggest following me on email. Madame Deals Email Sign- up. if you can so you know when I am hiring. I would also check my job board daily for updates. If you are on my writing team you are still able to enter all of my contests on my Madame Deals Contest Page. I do not pick the winners my contest project manager does so it is fair.

I look forward to working with you!
Amee (Madame Deals)

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