This week we're embracing our inner crazy cat lady. Because it's International Cat Day on Wednesday not because we're crazy... honest...

Nice cat stuff

Sluttishly stylish

Nice Cat Stuff
We approve of websites that do what they say. Nice Cat Stuff is one of those sites. They sell nice stuff for your cats. Did you know you can get cat houses? You can. They look like future pods of cool. Nice Cat Stuff also do stylish collars and super cool toys. We're going to treat our felines to a swish Happy Cat Day present now.

Scientist kittens

Sluttishly cute

The Scientist Kittens
Remember how Kitten Cam stole all of your time a few months ago? Well get ready for John Bartlett's latest set of foster kittens! These ones are named after scientists - Tesla, Darwin, Einstein and Newton - and are just too cute.

Bookmark it for those moments when you need an injection of cute to make your day better.

Le Canot Rouge animal notecards

Fab UK sponsored pick of the week

Le Canot Rouge notecards
While we clearly like cats, we are also quite fond of other animals. Especially if they are doing things like riding bikes, working sewing machines or going for a swim with a rubber ring for safety. How handy then that Le Canot Rouge have produced a range of notecards depicting exactly these things. Fab UK have six different sets available and honestly, we can't choose between them. Each set has six notecards in (apart from the mini cards which have 12) and cost £10.50 each.

Kitteh roulette

Sluttishly silly

Kitteh Roulette
Where Chat Roulette was more often than not downright weird, Kitteh Roulette is a round up of all the awesome cat videos that are the foundation of the internet. But be warned, much like The Scientist Kittens, it is pretty addictive.

Oh and we couldn't let a piece about internet cats go by without an honourable mention for Henri Le Chat Noir. His ennui is the perfect summation of a Monday.

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