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Atlanta and New Orleans SUCCESS!


We have been having the best time Crusading! The first pop-up event at the High Museum of Art was incredible - great turnout, lots of enthusiastic new collectors, and driving Lady Blue onto the piazza was a blast. Read all about it, with pictures and a bit of video by clicking here.

We also had an amazing love connection between a person and a photograph. You must read more - this is what Crusading is all about.

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After Atlanta, Lady Blue travelled to New Orleans to Crusade on Julia Street. Getting there was a bit harrowing - seems Lady Blue is a bit of a diva. But the event wonderful - read about the adventure with plenty of pictures here.


A New Website - Making the Lady Proud!

After years of paying other people to design and build websites, I decided to take matters into my own hands and get a handle on this beast once and for all. Well, I totally geeked out over this. And I'm not embarrassed to say that I rocked it!

The site (www.crusadeforart.com) has all that you ever wanted to know about the Crusade for Collecting tour, plus videos, ideas for building audiences for art, educational posts about collecting and making your way as an artist - you know, all the good stuff.

Take a look, then look some more! Let me know if you see anything wonky, but be gentle, since I now fancy myself a web designer. . .

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