This special is so great - we had to pass the word on one more time.

We do not typically run specials at Sugar Leaf Films but we want help you out - we know times are tough but you shouldn't sacrifice the one thing on your wedding day that will help you actually re-live it again and again. Those are precious memories and once they are gone - you can't get them back.

Want to know how you can save on Sugar Leaf Wedding Film?

No Problem! Starting today through the month of July - if you book us and sign up for monthly payments between now and your wedding day - we will give you all your raw wedding footage on a portable external hard drive - with storage case - for FREE! That's a $250 savings!

OR will give you 10% off your total due (before taxes). Sound like a deal?


If you haven't yet - contact us via our contact page on our site. We will send you a quick questionnaire and then get more information to you about our investments - if you are still interested - we will set up a meeting to start the booking process.

We are currently booked for 2012 - this deal is for NEW 2013 clients only.

Feel free to email us with any questions.


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