We're Making Skin Care History on Friday, February 8

Every so often, something ground-breaking comes along that forever changes how we do things ... The iPhone. The Sonicare toothbrush. The Keurig coffee maker. Clairol Root Touch-Up. They make life easier. They save us time and money, improve our health, even make us more beautiful.

What if you could've started a turn-key business for less than $1000 and became the first and only distribution channel for one of these products? They weren't sold in stores, they were only available through YOU.

Time is of the Essence and I have room on my team for three partners who want to leverage history in the making. Message me today if you're intrigued, want to learn more, have a passion to help others, like to make money quickly and have fun doing it! :-)

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It's called a Macro-Exfoliator. It's innovative, effective and like nothing you've ever seen and that's all I can say for now!

Now's the Jump to Claim Your Share of the $2.9 B US Anti-Aging Market

This is where Rodan + Fields comes in. The Proactiv Doctors are changing the world again, and they want you to get your share of the market. Business has been booming, but it’s about to get a heckuva lot better.

On February 9, the skincare revolution officially begins and you can lead it. You can be the go-to source, with a new tool that will take in-home skin care to a new level. Even better, between now and February 8th, Rodan + Fields is offering this tool for FREE (a $279 value) for anyone who starts their business with our RFX Express Kit. Isn’t it time we had a conversation about the possibilities, about what this could mean for you? Let’s talk soon. I'm interviewing today to give YOU the maximum time to leverage this great offer too!

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I'm Interviewing this Week-End. Why?

Because I want to help you maximize this launch

Because the sooner I talk to you, the sooner you can share this business, this new product with others that are looking for an extra $1,000/mo, $5,000 a month or CEO replacement income like me, or more.

We have a short, but exciting window for the right person. Email, TX or call me to learn more and Redefine Your Future.

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Build your business from the comfort of your own home and plug into our national product launch tour!

Leverage the resources of a billion-dollar brand to build your own business and redefine what's possible.

Click here for an interactive map of cities, dates, and more.

Start thinking about who you know in these markets and where you can build passive income streams throughout the United States.

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