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Summer is here - the heat is on! July Newsletter

Go Big - The Blitz Is On!

2013 Blitz Banner

The Blitz is in full swing with lots of Blitz caches throughout the province. Find them, vote for them. Let the owners know how much you appreciate their efforts to put out these great caches.

Remember - for every vote you make for a Blitz cache your name is entered in a draw for a great voter's prize.

Watch for Blitz Wrap events where the winners in each region are announced and prizes awarded

Voting ends midnight, Tues Aug 6.


Blitz Bingo

What goes with the Blitz? Why, Blitz Bingo of course! Our current game is in full swing, it is not too late to start playing, just log in, grab a card and start dabbing.


BCGA Gold COuntry

BCGA Went to Gold Country

We had a great time at the Gold Country GeoPoker Run launch event in Merritt on June 29. It was great to meet and chat to so many geocachers from all over BC and elsewhere. Fonty Family, KnL_Caching and katcogo were the BCGA directors manning the booth. Special thanks to recently retired director anakarose along with Lord Ed, Maya Bee, L from KnL_Caching and AlCoGo for their help, we appreciate their assistance.

BCGA GPS units

Photo thanks to SoobaxM

DId You Know?

The BCGA has 10 Etrex Venture HC GPS units available for loan to geocachers in BC. These have been to school, camps, birthday parties, special events as well as many Intro to Geocaching Events. They are free of charge for any non profit activity. Contact admin@bcgeocaching.com to book these. They are very popular at times so make sure to book well in advance. You will be responsible for shipping and to ensure they are available for the next booking.


B - I - G NEWS!

The long awaited new BCGA coin is getting much closer to release. We are working on the final technical drawings before getting mint samples. The design is one submitted by Danica Stewart (whiskeybiz) and features a sunrise on one side and a full moon in a night sky on the other. We feel this symbolizes the anticipation for adventure that meets each bright new day and the sense of wonder that we are just a small speck in a giant universe.

There are some very special surprises in store with this edition so stay tuned. You won't want to miss out!

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