Just Arrived in Our Shop! http://www.hawthornethreads.com/fabric/designer/tamara_kate/quiet_time Here are a few from my daughter Annie's shelf - as

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Just Arrived in Our Shop!

Quiet Time Poster4


For Collage 6

Here are a few from my daughter Annie's shelf - as you can see, this line would be sweet for book covers!

Growing up, I spent many an afternoon in the shade of some limb, my nose in a book and my mind somewhere far off in an adventure far, far away. Tamara Kate celebrates that act of reading, and the importance of Quiet Time.

Tamara's new collection for Michael Miller features two focal pieces. We see girls perched in trees reading, and a storybook piece offering a glimpse at what they all might be reading - the classic tale of The Princess and the Pea!

These lounge pants below are great for lazy days, nestled with a book on the couch. Or, for a trip to the library, let your little one tote around her books in one of these little back packs! Head over to Tamara's blog for the tutorial!

For more coordinates, take a peek at Tamara's other new collection, Helen's Garden!


Little back pack tutorial from Tamara Kate!


Thank you so much for reading along with us, and for your continued support of our little shop!

Warmest regards,
Lindsay and Charlie

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