Rims a la carte, Custom builds, Dealer program.

So the Rail rolls on. We've more than tripled our build throughput and shrunk the order-to-ship timing from 2-3 weeks to 1 week for standard builds. We've never been faster at making you, um, faster.

But maybe you don't want a Rail standard build from us. Not only are we not offended - we anticipated that. So we now have a few other options for getting yourself onto a new set of Rails:

1. DIY Rails

We now offer Rail rims for DIY builds. Build them up with whatever hubs and spokes you can procure, and revel in the satisfaction of riding and racing on your own handiwork. Knowing full well what it takes to build a superb set of wheels, we have much respect for those of you who roll (on) your own.

2. Custom builds

If you want exactly the Rails that you want but don't want to build them yourself, you can now get a set built by some of the most respected custom builders in the country. Ergott Wheels and Tati Cycles are building custom wheels on Rail rims in the US, along with Strada Hand Build Wheels in the UK and Europe. (We're adding a NZ / AUS / Singapore partner soon.) Get in touch with these folks directly for hub, spoke and nipple options and pricing.

3. The LBS option

We also offer dealer pricing on Rail rims for the LBS that builds in house. If you want your local builder to make you a set, have them contact us at dealers@novemberbicycles.com for dealer pricing and ordering details.

Race Smart,
Dave & Mike
November Bicycles

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