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We at Millennium Jazz Music are very happy to announce the one year anniversary of the Jazz Jousters. Together, the collective have been creating some amazing albums at a very impressive work rate since June 2012, and we’re completely happy with their success. So in true Millennium Jazz style, we have taken this opportunity to celebrate the achievement and mark the occasion with a Milestone.

Music by Gadget & Lady Paradox, Jaze Baqti, Diligent Fingers, B 3 N B i, Mr. Moods, Es-K, RickMal, Pawcut, Stay Classy, Bones The Beat Head and Joe Davies.

We also have two visual offerings in the form of a beat making video from B 3 N B i making Time Flies, and a full blown production walk though with Diligent Fingers making A Love So Sweet.

Watch the above videos and more on Youtube

Jim'Nastics - The Jazz Jousters #22 - MJM

Last week saw the release of Jimnastics by the Jazz Jousters. Yes, that makes two brand new albums released this month. If you missed it we recommend you go and get this one and hear the Jousters working with the sounds from one of the greatest Jazz Guitarists of all time, Jim Hall.

Live interview with Gadget laying down some info while he talks about Millennium Jazz & the Jazz Jousters with MSK on Party934 NY USA.

SALUTE to all Jazz Jousters contributors...

Gadget, Skinnista, DJ Mentos, Jaze Baqti, Bones The Beat Head, Awakening Dawn, SmokedBeat, Es-K, B3NBi, Mr. Moods, Stay Classy, RickMal, Diligent Fingers, FloFilz, Blue Buttonz, Wriggly Scott, Pawcut, The Specialists, DJ B-One, DJ AGee (Rapshack/Itch FM), DJ Mr Lob, Ja:Kova, £ENA, Carminelitta, OJB, Elyon Beats, Carys Matic, DJ Hellblazer, Koncise, Slim The Chemist, Pigeondust, KNYT, Erik Jackson, Dyversity Beats, DRTY DRDZ, Joe Davies, Beatzspeaks Loud, Slugga T, LeeN, DJ Jonny Jazz, Emma Louise (Seeking Shaler), DJ Bamboo, Organiq Creator, Cheese, Vicky Flint, Nomad, Lady Paradox, Gyspy Eyes, MarLikNun, Aleksander Koziel and DJ Vinyldigger.

Keep an eye out for the next release in July as we celebrate the musical contribution of Hubert Laws and work with the sound of the Jazz Flute.

The Jazz Jousters podcast #13 by Gypsy Eyes & Gadget

Gypsy Eyes & Gadget double team the Jousters podcast for a second time and bring you some gems from all over the worlds underground scene. The track list was carefully selected by Gypsy Eyes and you can hear the sounds flow smoothly from track to track courtesy of Mr Gadget on the boards. Expect various styles of Hip Hop Jazz for you to vibe to whether you are working, studying, chilling out alone or with company. We hope you enjoy!!

Podcast #14 coming soon by South Africa's DJ B-One of Purist Form.

The Jazz Jousters podcast #13 by Gypsy Eyes & Gadget by Millennium Jazz on Mixcloud

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