Dear family and friends,

Have you signed my petition for my dad's freedom on Change.org/pardonDon? Today my mom, brother, and I are driving Dad to prison, 455 miles away from our home in Birmingham, AL. He has to be there by 2pm tomorrow. =(

I am going to need your help over the next four months to get President Obama’s attention. I know we can get the necessary signatures that will encourage President Obama to act! Can you post the petition on your Facebook, blog, and email or tweet to friends?

I was just at the DNC petitioning for Dad's freedom, wandering the halls of the Time Warner Arena in Charlotte, to ask people for help and talk to the media about covering Dad's case, when Karl Rove and I made eye contact. I knew I had to confront him about Dad. He ended up yelling and shaking his finger in my face!

Right after the encounter, Current TV interviewed me! It was one of the most unbelievable moments of my life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYvssQrZuBc

I’m hopeful for some more miracles, like having Dad home for the holidays.

Please keep sharing the petition, www.change.org/pardonDON, and thank you for believing in justice with me. I’m so grateful for your help.

Thank you again!

Rove s back donate

Dana Siegelman

P.S. Look for more updates from me in the days to come. I'll be sending you Dad's status from the swamps of Louisiana, as well as ways to write him, and the President. Thank you once more for being there for us during all of this!

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