Still expanding!

Siegeworks, the first free expansion to Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars, has been a huge success and is still expanding.
We had a big influx of players from the Siegeworks sale, with thousands of new cities being founded and we can expect to see even more players join us very soon.
The Siegeworks expansion launched with 16 new NPC towns to siege and the introduction of player Alliances. This was followed up with an update that added four new units and expanded on Alliance features. Still to come are even more units and the long awaited pathfinding update.


Alliance Updates

Not only can players join together in an Alliance with their own Chat Channel, but now the following features have been added:
Alliance Bank - A repository of Crowns that members can add to and that Leaders and Treasurers can send to members
Alliance Roles - the Alliance Leader can now assign the roles of Leader, Treasurer and Recruiter to members of the Alliance

New Units

Several new units have been added to the game, giving players more options. The new units are:
Mantlet - the Mantlet is a portable shield wall that protects your troops from incoming arrows
Ruin Vine - the Ruin Vine is an animated plant summoned by Enchanters to bring down enemy walls
Tosser - the Tosser is a modified catapult that launches an array of deadly ammunition including flamind stones and large boulders
Grinder - the Grinder has a large blade which slices into enemy units, grinding them into a bloody mess

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Still to come

A few last minute bugs have delayed a couple of things we planned to add in the Siegeworks expansion, but fear not, they will be added soon.
Pathfinding - A new pathfinding system that will greatly reduce lag and improve performance
More Units - additional siege-related units to give players more tactical options

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Stream and Speak

With more and more players joining the game, don't forget to join our Live Stream and our TeamSpeak Server
Players can also contact the development team through our forums and our Steam group

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We look forward to seeing you in-game.

Kind regards,
Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars Support Team
Reverie World Studios, Inc.

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