Ready to Grow as a Photographer? Katy Photography Group and Katy Area Artists Collaborate to Create a Membership Program for Print Contests, Portfolio Reviews, and More

Happy New Year from the Katy Photography Meetup Group. As you know, our group is now well over 500 members. This means that we have members with many levels of expertise and while we have historically catered to the beginners by teaching basic camera skills, we feel that we would like to take those who are ready to the next level.

We are considering creating a second tier for the intermediate and advanced shooters. This would be a paid level. We would still have the free meetups that all members may attend, but we would like to include print competitions, a portfolio review and possibly workshops and speakers that would benefit the more experienced members. We would like to be able to pay, or at least reimburse some of the speakers for expenses. This would enable us to tap into speakers from outside the Houston area. We would also like to plan more shoots for the group and would like to possibly do a 2 day shoot at Big Bend. It is possible that we could plan a workshop while we are there with photographers who are familiar with the park and the techniques that we would need to capture some really great images.

The $40 yearly dues would make those in the second tier members of the Katy Area Artists (KAA) one of the oldest art groups in the area. The Lone Star Art Guild , Katy Culture and Arts Alliance (KCAA) and the Fort Bend Culture and Arts Alliance (FBCAA). All are very active visual arts groups. They host local and regional gallery exhibits and competitions, mixers and opportunities to sell your work.

The portfolio review is something that photographers pay hundreds of dollars at Houston's FotoFest International. This is a process that allows you to present several images to qualified photographers and judges who will give you one-on-one critiques of your work. This is not a competition, but a way to help you on your personal journey. The critiques are fair and constructive, not negative or harsh. This would be free to paid members.

We are meeting with KAA on Monday night and need to know how many members would be committed to join this new level of Katy Photography Meetup Group. If you would like to join the second tier, we need to hear from you by 1:00PM CST Sunday Jan 13 letting us know if you would support the 2nd Tier so that we can start the process of setting up a Photography branch of KAA.

Please send us your response by clicking on this link

Don't forget we need your response by 1:00PM CST Sunday January 13th.

Thanks and happy shooting,

Katy Photography Group Organizers

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