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Product Focus: C-Lon Cords & Threads

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Do you know about C-Lon Thread and Cord? We stock the entire line. It's made in the USA, has an excellent hand and is colorfast.

We stock the cords in see through plastic containers which you can pop (or melt) a hole in the top of and make into a nice thread dolly. No tangled cords!

C-Lon Nylon Beading Thread Size AA

uses: Off-loom beadweaving with size 15 seed beads
current # of colors: 36
breaking strength: approx 4 lbs
diameter: very thin – comparable to nymo size 0
put up: approx. 75 yards/69m per bobbin.
type of beading thread: UV resistant nylon monocord
made in the USA

C-lon Nylon Beading Thread in size D

uses: On and off-loom beadweaving with size 10-11 seed beads or Delicas, mini micro-macrame, bead stitching and embroidery, etc. Also in use for making Teddy bears—who knew?
current # of colors: 36
breaking strength: approx 7 lbs
diameter: comparable to nymo size D
put up: approx. 80 yards/73m per bobbin.
type of beading thread: UV resistant nylon monocord
made in the USA

C-Lon Cord:

A superior bead cord for micro macrame, bead crochet with 8/0 or larger seed beads, stringing, and kumihimo. C-lon beading cord is available in 104 colors. 34 lbs breaking strength, approx. 0.5mm diameter. 82-86 yds per bobbin.

C-Lon Micro:

Thin bead cord for fine micro macrame, small hole bead stringing, bead crochet with 11s and 15s. C-lon Micro Cord is available in 32 colors. Breaking strength 11lbs, approx 0.12mm diameter. 320 yds per bobbin.

C-Lon Tex 135:

The newest size of C-Lon bead cord, half way between micro cord and regular bead cord. Tex 135 - available in 24 colors. Approximate diameter of 0.4mm and breaking strength of 25 lbs. +/- 136yd per bobbin.

C-Lon Tex 400:

New heavy (.9mm) bead cord for micro macrame, kumihimo, and bead stringing. Break strength approx 75 lbs. C-Lon Tex 400 beading cord is available in 56 colors. 39 yds per bobbin.

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We have a nice selection of bicones, in all sizes but especially in 4mm, the most popular size and the size we have the most custom finishes in as well.

Take advantage of this sale to stock up on these sparkling darlings!

ALL 4mm Bicones 30% OFF through Wednesday July 17th.


New from TierraCast: Beginnings and Endings, just released!

We recieved the first several pieces in the collection and they are online for you to see and purchase. Check them out!

More styles expected mid week, with the final shipment arriving next week. You will be impressed with these new "Endings & Beginnings".


Be sure and checkout the Specials Folder on the front page, you will find lots more on sale there.

We recently added quite a bit to our Pinterest page, and have updated the Twitter page as well. Stay tuned for more giveawys coming up soon on Facebook too.

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