(Do you know anyone you think would benefit from reading my newsletters? Send them this link and start them off with an essential free guide to ident

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(Do you know anyone you think would benefit from reading my newsletters? Send them this link and start them off with an essential free guide to identifying their Right Work)

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Meg Ward


Ok I’ve sat on my haunches thinking and wondering for long enough, it’s time to step back out into the world and let you know how and where I am.

Sometimes we need time to retreat, but whatever we gain from that has to be brought back out into the world. And when you’re ready, it’s a time for celebration, joy and 100% commitment to the next stage in your life.

Currently, it's my turn. I'm on the upswing after a little reflection time and ready to share. Allow me to start with what’s been going on, followed by the big decision I’ve needed to make. Then I’m going to invite you to come along for the ride!


Meg x

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The big announcement

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Confession time

So (deep breath) I’ve gone out and got a job.

After all my talk about ‘Lead and succeed without selling your soul’ and ‘Getting paid to be you’, this has been hard to consolidate. Have I let you down, sold out, given up? Despite the consistent feeling inside that the answer was to be a resounding “NO”, my brain has happily been stewing over this for weeks.

And as time continued to move, and I didn’t, I started to wonder if I’ll just put it all on hold. You know, just for a while - until the money’s sorted out, until my man stops fretting about how much is or isn’t available, until he stops feeling resentful that I am enjoying what I do, until I’m ready / more qualified... the same old stories.

But as usual, this only ever lasts until I get to work with my clients. And then when these opportunities come my way I just know there’s no turning back.

And this time, something else has changed – I’ve finally started to believe the compliments and positive feedback, not bounce them off with a quick fire list of reasons why they’re not actually true.

This time, I believe in me, too!

And the job has actually helped.

Yes, really. The thing that takes up so much of my time has also taken away the money fears, and given me the space to grow in my newfound confidence, to make friends with this new, different Me without my livelihood depending on it.

This doesn’t mean this is forever (see my last newsletter!) but right now the job is what I need. I’m learning a language, a culture, I’m making friends and connections, and establishing myself in a new home. I’ve extricated the thing that I love to do, my Real Work, from the fear, and I find myself being fed with new ideas for my writing every single day.

And now that I’ve confessed, I can start using them. I can’t wait!

So - What now?

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The Big Announcement

To keep feeding myself, and growing my business, I have decided to make space for two new clients this autumn. And because I am not available all day, every day as I would so love to be, I’m offering ‘Get Paid to be YOU’ coaching at half the normal price. That’s 6 one-hour sessions at just EUR75- per call!

This offer is exclusively available to people who already know and understand my coaching style. If this isn’t you, but you’d like it to be, simply apply for a FREE ‘Find the Why in What You Do’ half-hour session in which time you get 100% of my attention as we work hard to gain a powerful shift in this very short time.

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The free session is absolutely no obligation. It’s my intention to leave you buzzing with insights and newfound confidence and a strong sense of what to do next. As a bonus you’ll also receive an email roundup, plus a recording of the call.

That’s the kind of value I’ll be bringing to each and every one of our sessions if you choose to work with me after that, plus email check-ins will be available to you at any time.

For me, this is the next step forward. For you, it could well be the last opportunity to work with me at such a reasonable price.

It’s gonna be first-come, first-serve, however, so don’t hang on too long. Get in touch using the buttons below.

Looking forward to working with you.

Meg x

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