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The period after this election and before inauguration is crucial. We need signatures, media and money to free Dad in the next 70 days!

I've traveled across the country. I've spoken at churches, synagogues, universities, meeting halls, bars, house parties, and yes, even in the streets! I'm gaining traction with media coverage thanks to Thom Hartmann, Peter B. Collins, Brad Friedman, and others who have kept the story alive. There will be more, but I need your help!

Please share the petition to free Dad by posting on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and emailing personally to friends to sign and share as well. Please add me on Facebook and join the daily movement to free Dad!

We want to make pardoning Dad one of the easiest things the President has ever done. That means lots of signatures, lots of media, and your support!

Thank you so much for all you are doing! We are making history!



The night before Dad went to prison, September 10, 2012 in New Orleans, LA

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