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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year folks!

You won't see any yearly wrap up post on TCB. I'm way too lazy for that, plus how could I possibly choose who was my favorite, or choose a favorite craft?
I love ALL the blogs I've featured and ALL the crafts, DIY & Decor projects I've done. I've got a 2013 list of projects.........that's a close to a New Years Resolution I'm getting.
I do have the coolest of cool printable calendars on TCB right now......keep reading......I'll have the link for you below.

Just in case you've missed a few things on TCB lately, here's a quick wrap up.


Special Promotion Code: TCB

Every once in a while, Silhouette gives me a discount code for Today's Creative Blog readers. If you don't own a cutting machine, but you like to craft, scrapbook, create DIY home decor projects........then I know you'd LOVE one of these babies.
Treat your self!
Redeem your discount and purchase here.


Purchase your Limited Edition Silhouette Portrait HERE

adventboxes candy blog

40% off the Silhouette Advent Calendar

I know, I know.........it's so hard to buy anything Christmas related, but you'll be kicking yourself next year wondering why you didn't take advantage of this deal! These are only $24!
When they're gone they're gone. Discount code: TCB
Purchase your Advent Calendar HERE


Printable Children's Thank you Notes

I've got a few printable Thank you Notes from my printable contributors. You'll show those inlaws that you really are a great mom when you have your children write the cutest thank you's!
You're a Rock Star and you know it!


2013 Printable Calendars

I've got over 20 styles to choose from. I ran all over the internet gathering calendars I'd use myself. So go ahead.......print a few up.

Here's to a great 2013!
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Please join me on Facebook........not sure why, but I'd still like to see you there.

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for a great 2012 at TCB!

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