Hi folks,

As you might know, Aviary officially changed directions in September 2011 to focus more on helping developers of photo apps. We currently power the photo-editing of third party apps on mobile and web through Aviary’s simple plugin for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and HTML5. Over the past 10 months since turning down this path, we’ve grown to 11 million active users, editing more than 150 million photos in Aviary, each month. And our tremendous growth under this new direction is showing no signs of slowing down. Even our developer showcase app “Photo Editor by Aviary” has been a smash hit, shooting up to #2 in iOS’s Photos category and breaking into the Top 25 free apps in the App Store (with a 5-star average rating).

This incredible adoption has proven to us that we are currently on the right path on our mission of democratizing creativity - making it possible for anyone, no matter what their talent or skill levels, to express themselves creatively. And it’s also clear that we need to continue to focus on this path and dedicate our development resources accordingly.

Since rebuilding our team late last year around this mission, we have effectively left the advanced suite of multimedia Flash apps for artists untouched, except for time spent fixing bugs (and with each new update to the Flash platform, there continues to be new ones introduced). With Flash’s general decline as a platform over the last few years, it is becoming more and more of a time sink for our team to fix and support these issues.

We therefore have made the difficult decision to retire the advanced suite of multimedia Flash apps for artists (located at advanced.aviary.com) on September 15th, 2012. Between now and this time period, you are encouraged to download (and/or export) any files currently residing on the system as they may not be available after that time.

We will unfortunately no longer be able to offer additional support for this suite between now and then, though you are welcome to continue to use it without support until it officially closes.

This is obviously a very difficult and sad announcement for us to make - much love, sweat, passion, investment and energy went into building our advanced suite of multimedia Flash apps. But our team, board and investors all recognize that continuing to support and develop a suite of legacy products on a platform that is declining would be a tremendous waste of resources, in addition to being too big a distraction to the success of our current focus.

To answer the obvious question: Will we rebuild the advanced multimedia suite for artists in HTML5 (or natively on mobile)? We have no plans at this time to do so. We feel that we’re currently on the right path to success and it would be too distracting to have to completely rebuild products from scratch that are off that path, at this time.

We have no recommendations for other apps you could use as alternative to our advanced suite of multimedia flash apps for artists right now, but will try to compile some closer to September when we send out a reminder notice. We do recommend that if you are a member of the artist community at advanced.aviary.com, you join the awesome community of artists at Worth1000.com.

To those of you inconvenienced by this announcement, I am truly sorry. I hope you understand why this is necessary and will continue to support the company on its current path.


Avi Muchnick
CEO / Aviary

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