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In order to get the changes for the Official Guide to the 22nd Annual Big O Hike underway, we've worked out the official hike schedule for this year's hike. It is different than prior years in several ways: we've had to break up the distances in a different way due to known closures on the dike, the overall miles are less because of that, and on two days of the hike, we have a Plan B in place in case that portion of the dike is not open. Here's how it goes.

Nov 23 | Day 1 | Sat 7.8 miPort Mayaca to L&S Fish Camp, Chauncey Bay
Nov 24 | Day 2 | Sun 10.2 miChauncey Bay to Nubbin Slough
Nov 25 | Day 3 | Mon 9.5 miNubbin Slough to Okee-tantie or
13.5 miSR 70 to Okeechobee via Okee-tantie
Nov 26 | Day 4 | Tue 10.2 miOkee-tantie to Indian Prairie Canal
Nov 27 | Day 5 | Wed 12.5 miIndian Prairie Canal to Lakeport
Nov 28 | Day 6 | Thu 9.4 miLakeport to Moore Haven
Nov 29 | Day 7 | Fri 5.0 miFort Center Trail and
5.4 miUncle Joe's Fish Camp to Clewiston
Nov 30| Day 8 | Thu 8.1 miClewiston to John Stretch Park
Dec 1| Day 9 | Fri 11.8 miSouth Bay to Pahokee or
11.4 miRafael Sanchez Trail, round-trip

For those who want to get extra miles in, we'll have information available on additional hikes in the area in this year's edition of the guidebook. However, completing the above hikes qualifies you for a 2013 Big O Hike certificate.

Cheers, Sandy & John
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